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“The certainty of others, the life, love, sight, hearing of others.” —Crossing Brooklyn Ferry



Whitman's Brooklyn: A Virtual Visit Circa 1850

If Walt Whitman’s association with Brooklyn is not necessarily overlooked by scholars and biographers, then neither is it explicitly emphasized. The fact of Whitman’s residency – he lived in Brooklyn for over half his life, and twice as long as he lived anywhere else – might not be so meaningful if his work wasn’t so saturated with the physical world. Whitman celebrated physicality, not only of the body but of the environment, and one is hard-pressed to imagine such muscular symbols having arisen from anywhere other than the explosion of progress along the East River in New York in the mid-nineteenth century. If one of the miracles of Whitman’s poetry is how successfully it transcends time, one of its wonders is how richly it evokes place.

Body of the Poet: Walt Whitman’s New York

In celebration of Walt Whitman’s two-hundredth birthday on May 31, 2019, The Grolier Club presents Poet of the Body: New York’s Walt Whitman. This site, designed and built by five graduate students at Bard Graduate Center, offers visitors the opportunity to digitally explore several of the exhibition’s incredible objects and further connect to the nineteenth-century poet.

Whitman, Alabama

This is an experiment in using documentary and poetry to reveal the threads that tie us together—as people, as states, and as a nation. For two years, filmmaker Jennifer Crandall has crisscrossed this deep Southern state, inviting people to look into a camera and share a part of themselves through the words of Walt Whitman. The 19th century poet’s “Song of Myself” is a quintessential reflection of our American identities. Who is America? The question will always be a difficult one. But if you listen to Alabama’s many voices, you may hear some of the answer. "For," as Whitman says, “every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you."


Walt Whitman Quarterly Review

The Walt Whitman Quarterly Review is a literary quarterly sponsored by the Graduate College and the Department of English and published by The University of Iowa. WWQR is the official journal of the Walt Whitman Studies Association, affiliated with the American Literature Association. Beginning with volume 33, no. 1 (summer 2015) the Walt Whitman Quarterly Review has become an open-access, online-only publication.

The Walt Whitman Archive

The Walt Whitman Archive features a vast collection of poetry and letters written by Walt Whitman, together with biographical summaries, audio recordings and contemporaneous reviews of his work. It is the most comprehensive record of works by and about Whitman. The Archive is directed by Kenneth M. Price (University of Nebraska–Lincoln) and Ed Folsom (University of Iowa), with ongoing contributions from many other editor-scholars, students, information professionals, and technologists.


WhitmanWeb is a collaboration between the International Writing Program and the Walt Whitman Archive, both institutions grounded in the deep literary culture of the University of Iowa. The website was launched in 2012, featuring Walt Whitman’s poem “Song of Myself” in nine languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Persian, Portuguese, Russian (in two versions), Spanish, and Ukrainian. Arabic (in two versions), Malay, Polish, Romanian, Khmer, Kurdish and Filipino translations followed in 2013 and 2014. The idea behind the project was to have a conversation, across languages, borders, and time zones, about the multiple meanings of this foundational text.